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II have I have been creating one of a kind jewelry all of my life. I've always had a fascination for the myths and legends that surround gold and gems. Jewelry created for kings and queens as an expresssion of their style and taste. I have developed my own unique bold style over the years that can be found no where else but here, with me!!

Bold, Fluid designs......

Our Story

I create my designs from ideas imagined, dreamt and wondered. I rarely sketch , but allow an idea to develop in it's own time. I have explained to many customers that I really do not know WHERE an idea or design comes from! I have been creating jewelry since my teen years and all of the art and creative images I have witnessed over the years come to fruition in my work.

Our Vision

I try to create designs that provoke thoughts or feelings of an imagined space or time. I have lived on and off in the tropics and acknowledge that the fluidity of my designs comes from the natural "flow" of life surrounded by water. I hope my designs excite and inspire my followers as much as they do me.

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